Jiejie the Traveler

She’s JieJie Flores, a full time employee who loves to paint the world through traveling. She lives her life with dreams and perseverance and continuously conquer her fears. Her ultimate dream is to step in each place in the world, to inspire and to encourage everyone to take chances and live life to the fullest, to make a change and help everyone in the simplest way and to let them paint their own world of dreams too.

After conquering 9 countries and 27 provinces in the Philippines at the age of 23, she is now on a quest to complete the so-called “Project 81” (visiting the 81 provinces in the Philippines) and visit all countries in Southeast and Eastern Asia before she turns 30. She spends her past time planning and researching new places to see and giving DIY tips to all aspiring travelers.

Traventures is my game and I paint my own world of dreams ♥

ig | fb: jiejiethetraveler 🌸🌸🌸